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Changing the way we approach and address aging

Getting older is a natural part of everyone’s life, but it’s also a subject that can be difficult to broach in a measured, comfortable way. Whether it’s mom, dad, or nana, their care quality will always depend on access to information and reliable data. It’s become clear to us that the most difficult part of managing care is often the simple act of communicating, and that the way to solve this issue is through the introduction of modern technology into the care equation.


Working with gerontologists, professional caregivers and university researchers, we developed an intuitive, fully customizable app linked to easy-to-use wearables and hand-held Smart Displays that help aging adults develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. We’re using data-driven technology to take a closer look at how people age, and exploring how Smart Displays, sensors and devices on the Internet of Things, and continuous telecommunications access can help us all feel more confident, more secure and more in control of our lives.

We’re confident that we have the only comprehensive, preventative solution available on the market, and it’s our mission to bring this technology to everyone who needs it. Forming the habits of healthy living should be an achievable goal for all aging adults – and with Routinify, it finally can be.

We built Routinify to provide families and caretakers with a common source of information and data, as well as a central platform where needs, explanations, emotions and reminders could be shared. We’ve cared for aging loved ones too, so we’ve experienced the same worries and fears. Am I not there enough? Am I asking too many questions? How can we make sure we’re all following the same plan? What can I do to make sure my loved one is living their best life?

Interested in taking a closer look at what we do?

All you have to do is contact Routinify or any of our authorized distributors to get the process started. We’ll walk you through our thorough introductory assessment, ship all of the equipment right to your doorstep, and send a professional to help you set everything up.

For a limited time, annual subscriptions start at only $95 a month! Routinify helps people, along with their loved ones and caretakers, enter ‘golden age’ on the same page.

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