Routinify ensures that families can balance independence with peace of mind

Being a member of a family is all about give and take. Sharing a favourite memory with your sibling. Giving your teenager some space. Gathering together for Thanksgiving dinner.

We all need space, but when the chips are down you’re there for your family. But what happens when you can’t physically be there for them? Aging adults and the people who love them often face that question when a parent’s independence and safety are at odds with each other. Everyone wants to be secure, independent and informed, but how does that work so that everyone is at their best? That’s the problem we’ve tried to solve with Routinify.

Routinify offers easy-to-use technology including Smart Displays and wearable technologies like smart-watches, to give all family members a more informed and comprehensive view of health and wellness. Users never fumble with apps or windows – Routinify is streamlined across all its devices. Caring for an aging adult is a constant balancing act, and Routinify helps make everyone’s job a little easier.

I was introduced to WellAssist™ to help me with brain chaos and never-ending memory and confusion issues. Having this type of aid in my home has had positive benefits, and I look to this technology to keep me on track for medications and reminders for all sorts of daily living. I love the personal touches such as personalized messages which, for some of us may be the only human contact we have! I love the weather reporting, sleep activity stats and the music, which I listen to all day long.

The video reports we receive via email (OR web app) from our parents’ caregivers are exactly what we have been needing. We do not always want to call and speak to the caregivers but we always want to know how mom and dad are doing. Routinify keeps us well informed about their wellbeing.

Routinify helps families feel secure, informed and connected by using innovative and easy-to-understand technology to fill in any gaps in care:
Individualized plans of care monitored and managed by clinicians who care
Instantaneous tracking of vitals, nutrition, hydration, activity levels and sleep routines
Interactive dashboard of important information for quick checkups
Easy 24/7 communication with everyone in the Care Circle
Virtual ‘at a glance’ check-in with Routinify’s daily ‘I’m OK’ score
Resources, news reports and other professional advice for your family
Seamless integration with other IoT devices and third-party services like transportation, food delivery and exercise programs for when family caretakers are out of town or on the go
Aging can be isolating, but with Routinify it’s easy to feel like everyone is together, even if you’re not in the same room. Safety and independence aren’t mutually exclusive, and we think all of us deserve the chance to feel at ease.

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