Being a caregiver is a challenging and rewarding job, but the strain of providing the highest levels of care seems to be growing with each passing year. Home health providers and managed care facilities have a lot of the same challenges: the ratio of clients to staff members is not balanced, you face growing costs and expanding responsibilities, and there is more information to communicate with a rising number of people who care about your clients. It can be overwhelming sometimes.

That’s what makes Routinify a perfect fit for care providers. By invoking Habits for Aging Well™ custom care plans, address multiple basic needs and develop healthy habits in aging adults, Routinify’s Habits for Aging Well allows you to anticipate, prevent and react to client needs and concerns, even when you can’t be in the same room. It’s like having an extra set of hands to help carry the workload.

WellAssist will empower you to provide the best care for your patient

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  • Instantaneous tracking of vitals, nutrition, hydration, activity levels and sleep routines
  • Seamless integration with other IT devices and third-party services like transportation, food delivery and exercise programs
  • Virtual ‘at a glance’ check-in with Routinify’s daily ‘I’m OK’ score
  • Easy 24/7 communication with everyone in the Care Circle to keep families in the loop
  • Interactive dashboard of important information for quick checkups
  • Full picture of health and well-being without necessitating more in-home visits

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