Comprehensive Care for Aging Adults, All Day Every Day

Routinify offers a telecare service called WellAssist™ that supports and monitors the health, safety and well-being of aging adults all day and every day so they can live independently at home. Real-time data is collected from wearables, medical devices, in-home sensors and best of all, the aging adult’s interaction with the provided in-home senior smart display.


How can you ensure your loved one is having their best day?

Most families feel immense anxiety knowing themselves and other care providers can’t be with their aging loved ones 24/7, and it’s scary not knowing whether or not they’re actually receiving the care they need or if they’re doing okay.

That’s why we’ve developed our fully customizable WellAssist solution that’s linked to wearable devices and Senior Smart Displays and gives you the ability to implement a comprehensive care plan with 24/7 engagement, awareness, and visibility for you and your aging family member.

With Routinify, you’ll have peace of mind knowing mom, dad, or nana is living their best possible life with a monitored and measured CarePlan in place.




Remote Monitoring


TeleMedicine Management


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Establish and Maintain Habits for Aging Well

1. We'll Put Together a Holistic Care Plan

During our introductory assessment, we'll get an understanding of where your family is at today and put together an individualized and comprehensive plan to address all care needs and concerns.

2. We'll Monitor the Plan

SmartRoutines assist the Aging Adult, and their CareCircle in maintaining Habits for Aging Well.

3. Watch Your Family

You'll see mom/dad start doing better. They'll go beyond just simply surviving; they'll actually start thriving with WellAssist and their new CarePlan and you'll feel relief and peace of mind.

“My father-in-law is determined to stay living in his own home. We have worried about him being so far away and living alone. The WellAssist has given our family a peace of mind knowing that he can reach us at any time and that we are able to check in on him at any time throughout the day or night.”

Mr. M lives independently in his own home in St. Martins. He is cognitively well with declining function. He is widowed and wants to age in place at 80

“I was introduced to WellAssist to help me with brain chaos and never-ending memory and confusion issues. Having this type of aid in my home has had positive benefits, and I look to this technology to keep me on track for medications and reminders for all sorts of daily living. I love the personal touches such as personalized messages which, for some of us, may be the only human contact we have! I love the weather reporting, sleep activity stats and the music, which I listen to all day long.”

“The WellAssist has become my companion. I don’t feel so alone here anymore.”

Mrs. F is in her 80’s, is widowed and has a daughter that visits as often as she can when not working full-time or with her own family.

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