What is Telecare?

What is Telecare?

When you have a senior loved one, you want them to live their best possible life. For many aging adults, living their best life means a combination of independence and proactively taking care of and monitoring their health and wellness. 

As much as you want to support your loved one’s independence, you also desire peace of mind knowing that they’re receiving the care they need or if they’re simply doing okay.

There is a solution that provides both peace of mind for you and allows your elderly family member to remain self-sufficient.

With a telecare system using the latest technology, like Routinify’s WellAssist, you can empower them with the freedom to live independently with engagement, awareness, and visibility into their wellness for you.

Here we explore what a telecare system is, the benefits, and how to set up this life-changing system.

A Definition of Telecare

Telecare is a plan for health and well-being enabled by technology that supports an elderly or physically less able person and allows them to live in their own home with safety, dignity, and independence. 

Telecare is supported through medical wearable devices, in-home sensors, and in-home smart video displays.

Telecare helps manage peoples’ wellbeing and is an ideal secondary support system to complement other in-home care.

With Telecare, you can check-in with your loved one over video at any time. The intelligent system gives reminders and assists with a routine that helps people thrive. 

Additionally, it remotely monitors any early warning signs of health issues that could mean the person needs medical assistance immediately or addressed during an upcoming scheduled appointment with a physician. 

It then triggers an appropriate response, such as on-the-spot care from a doctor or nurse via video chat, a phone call to a loved one, or data added to a chart to be reviewed by a physician.

What are the Benefits of Telecare?

Telecare makes life easier and less stressful and helps aging people not just survive, but thrive, with proactive health and wellness.

The knowledge that your loved one is safe and well is priceless and can relieve the tense family dynamics arising from worrying about an elderly relative.

You’ll know that your mom, dad, or loved one is following a care plan with their particular needs in mind every day. They’ll also have instant access to essential and expert medical care. Plus, you can enjoy video chats with each other, allowing them to remain at the heart of your family.

For the senior person, Telecare removes the stress of leaving their own home and allows them to keep their independence and dignity. It provides a fantastic opportunity to plan long-term for their wellness.

Telecare also allows home and health care agencies and senior living centers to support seniors as they maintain self-sufficiency.

How Do You Know if Telecare is the Right Solution?

It’s essential to make the right decision where a person’s care and wellbeing are concerned. So how do you know if Telecare is the right choice for your family?

Telecare suits senior people who want to maintain their independence and have a healthy, active life. They may need some help with wellness, but they don’t need round-the-clock medical care.

It’s also ideal for you if you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing your relative is safe and you have a supportive CareCircle. These are the people invested in your loved one’s wellbeing.

Getting Started with Telecare

When you search for a Telecare provider, ensure they focus on whole-person wellbeing. Telecare should cover all aspects of health and wellness, not just specific events, like fall detection. A reputable Telecare provider should also be invested in supporting the CareCircle, or the loved ones, friends, and healthcare providers working to support the senior’s wellness.

Reach out to us to discuss your family’s story and how we can help you with your loved one’s wellbeing.

Together we can create a personalized care plan that encompasses all aspects of your relative’s health and wellness requirements to maintain independence, and health for them, and peace of mind for you and the people in your CareCircle.

How Can Routinify Help You?

Telecare, such as Routinify’s WellAssist, supports and monitors the health, safety, and wellbeing of senior adults around the clock so they can live independently in their own homes. A WellAssist system gives you the confidence to go about your own life without the weight of worry for your loved one holding you back.

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