The Anatomy of Great Telecare Services

The Anatomy of Great Telecare Services

Once seen as technology-phobic compared to younger generations, older Americans are embracing technology. 

People 50 years and older now use smartphones, wearables, and smart home technology just as regularly as younger adults. They’re also interested in how technology such as Telecare services can help them live in their homes longer. 

This trend plays out when it comes to their healthcare and well-being too. More than half of older Americans want their health care managed by a mix of technology and medical staff, and about 40% are interested in using technology for medication reminders.

In this age of tech acceptance, it’s the perfect time to learn more about Telecare services and how they can enhance your life.

What are Telecare Services?

Telecare services are remote assistance services that help seniors and others in need achieve their health and wellness goals. 

Telecare services incorporate the latest advancements in health and wellness, including lifestyle medicine and digital therapeutics. They usually involve video conferencing with users and their CareCircle and collecting and analyzing data from Telecare products.

What do Great Telecare Services Do?

Excellent Telecare services achieve several things for the following groups:

  • Seniors: Help them remain in their own homes, living independently and with dignity. It can also help them create long-term plans for their future wellness and independence.
  • Loved ones: Give them confidence the seniors in their lives are safe and well, so they can focus on work and other responsibilities. Constant remote monitoring systems provide peace of mind.
  • Home and health care agencies and senior living centers: Support your operations and care goals while helping users maintain independence.

Features of the Best Telecare Services

As the Telecare market grows, consumers need to know what to look for in a Telecare service. The most effective Telecare services offer the following features:

  • Plan-based: Services center around a holistic care plan rather than targeting specific elements of health and wellness.
  • Technology: They incorporate various cutting-edge tech tools, such as wearables and smart displays, which enable independence.
  • Real-time data collection: Collecting data from wearables, medical devices, and in-home sensors in real-time make Telecare services more responsive for better preventative and emergency care.
  • Non-intrusive: Services should help and support users to maintain independence and quality of life.
  • Holistic: They should consider all aspects affecting the quality of life, including health, activity, socialization, and behavior.
  • Customized: Services should address your loved one’s specific needs for the most significant impact.
  • Peace of mind: Engagement, awareness, and visibility provide peace of mind for you, health care providers, and your loved one.

What You Should Do Now: Talk to Telecare Companies

As seniors become more comfortable with technology, there’s no better time to use Telecare services to help your loved one stay in their home. Services vary between telehealth providers, so compare their features carefully to find the right company for your loved one and their entire CareCircle.

Now you know what features to look for in Telecare services, it’s time to talk to Telecare companies to assess their offerings. Remember to look for companies that focus on your loved one’s wellbeing and the wellbeing of their CareCircle. The right Telecare company should take a holistic approach to health and wellness rather than focusing on a specific need like fall detection.

You can always expect a high level of personalized, holistic care from Routinify. Through a mix of health and wellness routines, reminders, technology, and other tools, Routinify can help your loved one stay safe, well, and independent. Routinify’s Telecare services always involve the CareCircle for your peace of mind.

We trust you’ll find what you’re looking for at Routinify. Our Telecare service WellAssist takes a holistic and personalized approach to remote health and wellness. To learn more about our real-time data collection, in-home senior smart display, and other service toolssign up for a free webinar at the Routinify website.