What the Best Telecare Products Do

What the Best Telecare Products Do

Worldwide, people are embracing the Telecare revolution. The Telecare device market is projected to grow by $396.19 million year over year, with predicted growth of 37% in the Americas.

That means plenty of choices for consumers, but Telecare products are not created equally. Understanding the best Telecare products can help you find the best ones for the people you love most.

What are Telecare products?

Telecare products are items that use telecommunications technology to improve user health outcomes remotely. Telecare products can:

  • Expand access to healthcare services
  • Improve someone’s overall wellbeing
  • Connect seniors with their CareCircle
  • Help people manage their health at home longer
  • Remotely monitor people for early warning signs of health problems

Common types of Telecare product categories include:

  • Engagement: Products like phones and tablets can provide communication and engagement for seniors, dispelling feelings of loneliness and isolation. They can also provide entertainment.
  • Reminders: Technology like medication dispensers, activity and movement monitors, tablet devices, and apps can provide reminders about medication, visitors, deliveries, exercise, and more.
  • Environment sensors: These products include temperature and movement monitoring, meant to identify and help when something about a senior’s environment is off.
  • Location and safety: GPS trackers and fall detection alarm wearables can sense movement and send an alert to a senior’s CareCircle.

What do the best Telecare products do?

The best Telecare products work together as an integrated wellness solution that supports people living their best lives. They also support a robust and comprehensive Telecare plan which encompasses all aspects of health and wellness. Ultimately, the best Telecare products help people live happily and safely in their own homes. The best Telecare products serve the following people and organizations:

  • Seniors: Helping them live in their own homes so that they can maintain their dignity, independence, and quality of life. Quality Telecare products help them create long-term plans for their freedom and wellness.
  • Loved ones: Providing peace of mind that your aging loved one is safe and healthy. By assisting with adherence to a care plan every day, they help people focus on work and other responsibilities.
  • Home and health care agencies and senior living centers: Supporting their goals while allowing seniors to maintain their independence.

Features of the best Telecare products

When selecting Telecare products for your loved ones, look for the following features:

  • Social engagement: They should promote interaction through voice and video messaging, photo sharing, music, and news.
  • Activity: They should monitor sleep, exercise, and steps taken each day.
  • Care features: Look for products offering Telecare, home care, and monitoring.
  • Behavior modification: They should promote healthy habits such as taking medications regularly, eating nutritious foods, staying hydrated, and engaging in self-care.
  • Variety of devices: Consider blood pressure monitors, oxygen monitors, smart devices, and wearables.
  • Applications: Consider valuable apps such as therapy, memory games, and integration with smart systems such as Google and Alexa.

What You Should Do Now: Talk to Telecare Companies

As the use of technology grows, more companies are entering the Telecare space. It’s important to know what the best Telecare providers and products get right with so many options available. Talking to Telecare providers about their Telecare products’ features and how they work together can help you choose the right items to assist your loved one aging in their home.

When looking for Telecare products, make sure they take a holistic approach to the user’s wellbeing and their CareCircle’s. Quality Telecare covers all aspects of health and wellness rather than targeting just one need like fall detection.

When considering Telecare products, make sure you contact Routinify at (720) 815-4808 or online. Our WellAssist Telecare system supports and monitors the safety, health, and wellbeing of seniors day and night so they can live comfortably and confidently in their own homes. We have a wide range of wearables, in-home sensors, and medical devices that collect real-time data. Users are also encouraged to interact with our team through the in-home senior smart display. Sign up for a free webinar through the Routinify website.