Safe and Secure: Bill and Cathy’s Story

Safe and Secure: Bill and Cathy’s Story

When it comes to the safety and security of our loved ones, there’s nothing we won’t do to protect them. We recently worked with Bill and his wife Cathy* to help deliver a solution that addressed their needs and keeps them both feeling safe and secure. This is their story.

Bill and Cathy live together in a beautiful part of Colorado. Bill is an active member of his community and works full time for a local home care agency. A few years ago, Bill began to notice that his wife Cathy was experiencing some forgetfulness and confusion. At first it was something that both Bill and Cathy could easily manage together.

As the months wore on Cathy’s forgetfulness grew and she was diagnosed with dementia. While Bill is at work, Cathy spends her days at a local seniors’ day program; one that has the proper supports in place to ensure she maintains a healthy and active social life.

Knowing Cathy was cared for during the day, Bill turned his attention to the times when she was home alone before he returned from work. Predatory telephone scammers were calling their home and would draw credit card information from Cathy, without her understanding the implications. Bill needed to find a solution that would maintain Cathy’s phone access to her loved ones, but in a much more controlled manner. That’s when Routinify came into their lives.

Bill met Laura Newman, Routinify’s manager of business development, at a caregiver symposium. He approached Laura and explained his situation; asking if it was possible for Routinify’s WellAssist™ platform to act as a secure phone system to eliminate fraud potential for he and his wife.

Right away, Laura recommended Routinify’s CareCircle and LiveConnect features as a great match for Bill and Cathy. The husband and wife worked with the Routinify care team to determine the right care plan for Cathy and then had the WellAssist™ platform installed in their home.

“The team has been most helpful in handling set-up and helping us adjust the platform to our needs or answer any questions we might have,” says Bill. “I would certainly recommend Routinify to friends or other aging adults who are looking for some extra support at home.”

Today, Cathy is able to connect with those friends and loved ones in her CareCircle – whether she makes the call through a simple touch screen on the Smart Display, or they call directly through to her. Bill has peace of mind knowing that Cathy is not cut off from the outside world but can feel safe from fraud while she’s in her own home.

*Client names have been changed to maintain privacy.