“How Routinify Saved My Life and Kept Me Out of a Special Care Home”

“How Routinify Saved My Life and Kept Me Out of a Special Care Home”

Robert Snow said Routinify has already changed his life.

Living with a traumatic brain injury since being struck by a drunk driver 30 years ago, the Fredericton, NB resident has struggled with some of life’s simplest things, such as knowing when to eat. One of the effects of his traumatic brain injury is that he doesn’t experience hunger. He also has significant memory problems, so he can’t even remember to eat, let alone take his daily medications.

Robert started with Routinify a year ago and has the WellAssist TeleCare Service in his home.

“It has completely changed my life,” said Snow.

WellAssist is a TeleCare Service that provides for support and care in the home 24/7 – All Day, Every Day. For Robert, WellAssist delivers reminders about when to take his medication, when to eat and it also reminds him about medical appointments that he could never remember without the service.

Robert said pop-up messages wouldn’t have worked, because he has trouble understanding written text reminders. So, audio reminders are called out to him from the WellAssist and these audio messages are accompanied by pictures which assist in understanding the messages.

The Healthy Reminders all throughout the day regarding medications, vital sign monitoring, nutrition, hydration, Meals on Wheels delivery time, Medical Appointments and TeleCare visits all help Robert to live as independently as he can at home. Robert relies on the support of the Reminders and appreciates the Routine offered through WellAssist. Robert feels safe living alone knowing that he has access to his Carecircle (all those he has arranged to be involved in his care). and really enjoys the opportunities for socialization through WellAssist. Robert reports that the notes of encouragement that he receives through WellAssist are a nice reminder that he is not alone and that he is surrounded by Care.

Robert has peace of mind knowing that the WellAssist TeleCare platform looks after the overall coordination of care – from in-home care to the care in the community.

Robert has a caregiver who comes in seven days a week to help with his activities of daily living. Caregivers are supported within the home as WellAssist allows for timely communication between caregivers and the TeleCare Coordinator.

TeleCare is where data, information and communication are used to deliver, manage, and coordinate care and services to meet the health needs of individuals. Robert’s Telecare nurse was alerted to changes in Robert’s night time sleeping patterns. The sleep/ activity data showed that Robert had been awake all night the past few nights – which was a new trend for him. After receiving the alert the TeleCare nurse reached out with a note through WellAssist to let him know that his Care Team is concerned about him and that a Televisit would take place that day to see how he’s feeling. During the Televisit it was determined that Robert is experiencing increased pain. Robert also voiced concerns about the change in his medication prescriptions and the new medication schedule. In collaboration with Robert, the TeleCare nurse coordinated a Televisit with the primary care physician and the pharmacist to review Robert’s current care plan…all from the comfort of his own home.