Building a community of care with Routinify

Building a community of care with Routinify

Lisa Guidry has seen the full scope of New Brunswick’s healthcare system in action. A nurse for 30 years, Lisa has spent the last 12 years of her career as a nurse practitioner, working predominantly with seniors who live in their homes. She does bedside visits for her clients and looks after any medical needs that arise.

Each day is different for Lisa, but there’s one thing that has changed how she works with her clients – Routinify.

Lisa first heard about Routinify through Tricia Friars, a long-time colleague who also happens to be the clinical director at Routinify. They’d been discussing the platform for a while and Tricia had been sharing her knowledge and experience with the technology. Lisa was intrigued by this new approach to care and kept the product in the back of her mind, waiting for an opportunity to try it out.

The opportunity came about when Lisa and Tricia ended up with a common patient. That gave Lisa the idea to suggest they demo the product with that patient so she could understand it better. The benefits were immediately clear.

“When I’m called to a client’s home, I do full patient assessments and then make plans of care,” says Lisa. “For many of my clients that means I have to communicate separately with family members, care teams, care companies, doctors, powers of attorney, extramural nursing, and perhaps anyone else involved in the care team. It’s necessary communication, but it’s also very time-consuming. Routinify makes updating the care circle so much more efficient. Everyone gets the same update, instantaneously.”

After years working in the health care system in New Brunswick, Lisa has a well-informed approach to caring for her patients: all hands on deck. By this, she means that true patient-centred care requires engaged participation from all members of the care circle. This includes family, friends, neighbours, professionals – everyone plays a role in ensuring long-term care of one another in a community. Routinify lets individuals, families, and caregivers leverage technology to build a community around the client that enhances care and safety.

From Lisa’s perspective, leveraging innovation is imperative to delivering the appropriate level of care required for our aging population.

“I believe in Routinify and I see how it can make a difference,” says Lisa. “This product was developed based on Pat’s (Routinify’s president and CEO) personal experience as a caregiver for his mother and aunt. This isn’t just about a great business idea – it’s about delivering a service that’s needed and that actually makes the care process more effective and efficient.”

Lisa is encouraged for the future of the platform. The ongoing evaluation and suggestions from stakeholders mean it’ll continue to deliver the types of services needed by its clients. And that can only be a good thing.