Technology and aging: Routinify launches scientific trials launch in New Brunswick

Technology and aging: Routinify launches scientific trials launch in New Brunswick

Routinify was born out of necessity. When Pat Kelly, Routinify’s founder and CEO, was caring for his mother and aunt, in their mid-90s and early-100s respectively, he experienced firsthand the challenges of caring for an aging loved one.

Kelly saw an opportunity to leverage data and technology to make the experience around aging in place smoother for all involved, which led him to develop the Routinify WellAssist™ platform. The suite of products helps people age safely and happily in their own homes or assisted care facilities while providing valuable insights into their health and wellbeing to their family members and caregivers.

Routinify and the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) – an accelerator for the aging and brain health sector – along with the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF) are providing funding for research into the benefits of Routinify’s WellAssist™ products. Dr. Rose McCloskey, a Nursing professor at the University of New Brunswick, will lead the studies.

“We designed our WellAssist™ solution to help people age safely in their own homes and later, if necessary, to live happily in assisted care facilities,” says Kelly. “WellAssist™ provides 24/7 information on the wellbeing of aging people to families and caregivers. These scientific trials will provide insights to how this technology helps aging people live healthy, fulfilling lives.”

“Technology holds great promise to help senior citizens, but it is important that it be reviewed with rigor to ensure it meets their true needs,” says Dr. McCloskey. “Routinify’s WellAssist™ solution is an intriguing example of how technology can empower senior citizens, their families, and their caregivers.”

Loch Lomond Villa, an assisted care facility in Saint John, New Brunswick applied for the grant to support the trials under CABHI and NBHRF’s joint Seniors’ Care Strategic Innovation Fund. Cindy Donovan, CEO of Loch Lomond Villa, has been a strong supporter of the Routinify platform from its early days and is a proponent of looking for innovative ways to support aging adults.

“Our team at Loch Lomond Villa is passionate about helping aging people live their best lives. We’re excited to see how Routinify’s innovative products help those living independently to stay in their own homes longer and how they provide valuable insights to caregivers and families of those in assisted living situations,” says Donovan. “Routinify is a person-centred technology that aligns directly with our person-centred care at Loch Lomond Villa.”

The research trials will run across the province of New Brunswick and will include individuals living in their own homes. The study will look at how having Routinify’s technology in the homes of aging adults will help them age in place safely.

The study will run for one year and is free to participants. Recruiting for the province-wide in-home participation is ongoing and interested participants can apply at