“Smart Aging” Tech Company Routinify Launches in New Brunswick

“Smart Aging” Tech Company Routinify Launches in New Brunswick

–Routinify’s smart displays and wearable technology help aging adults live safer, healthier lives–

Fredericton, NB (April 2, 2019) – Routinify, a Fredericton, NB and Denver, CO headquartered technology company, today announced the public launch of its smarter living platform in New Brunswick. The platform combines easy-to-use technology, accessible through smart displays and wearable technology, to provide seniors, as well as their families and caregivers, with real-time data on their health and wellbeing.

Routinify was born out of necessity when Pat Kelly, Routinify’s President and CEO, began caring for his aging mother. That process uncovered a number of challenges including navigating the in-home care plan and timely communications with family members who lived out of town. Kelly saw that the care was scheduled by time, not by routinely assessed and changing needs.

“My mother stayed in her home and received good care, but I knew that home care could be better managed and monitored for both families and caregivers,” said Kelly. “It’s important that care be delivered with the clients’ needs first, and the only way to do that is with concrete information. Routinify’s technology collects information – vitals, sleep patterns, activity, and more – and that data allows for a more tailored care plan and real-time connection in the care circle, including the aging individual, their families, nurses, doctors, and caregivers.”

Routinify’s WellAssistTM platform offers a suite of services that run on hardware from partners such as Amazon, Garmin, FitBit, Omron, Nymbl Sciences and more, all specially designed to make it easy to use for seniors. The platform’s features include a dashboard that provides reminders, caregiver Check-Ins, encourages engagement, and provides opportunities for involvement from within the care circle.

As Routinify launches widely across New Brunswick, its first clients have already experienced its positive impact and seen its potential.

“I was one of Routinify’s earliest clients, using the platform for my parents,” says Graeme MacKinnon of Hampton. “Routinify helped my parents live a more comfortable life in their own home. The reminders for medications, meals, and activity are incredibly helpful. I also receive video messages from the caregivers to keep me updated, which gives me peace-of-mind. I see a real opportunity for Routinify to become a top platform to help New Brunswick’s seniors age safely in their homes, which is where they want to be.”

This sentiment is echoed by Teena Canavan, owner and manager of Wellness Connections, a home care organization based out of Ste. Anne’s Court, a retirement community in Fredericton. Canavan has been working with the Routinify team as they’ve prepared their launch and sees the benefits for her clients both within a care facility and for individuals in the community.

“I truly think that Routinify is the wave of the future,” says Canavan. “We have an aging population and many of our clients’ children do not live in the same city, the province, or sometimes even in the country. Not only does the Routinify platform give us concrete data to help shape care plans, but the Caregiver Check-Ins allow us to update our clients’ loved ones in real time. This allows us to provide them with a level of comfort knowing that their parent or loved one is receiving the right care at the right time. Routinify is changing how care is delivered in New Brunswick.”

Monthly subscriptions for Routinify are now available in New Brunswick and Colorado with plans to expand into other jurisdictions in the coming months.

About Routinify
Routinify was founded to help aging people live safe, healthy and happy lives. Routinify’s WellAssistTM platform and products empower people living at home or in assisted care facilities by employing easy-to-use wearable technology and smart displays to monitor and assess things like mobility, heartrate, hydration and social engagement while also serving as a reminder to the aging person to take their medications. This information can be shared with families and caregivers to provide a 24/7 view of an aging person’s health and wellbeing. To find out more, visit


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